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Do wedding videos have to be so serious, or worse, cheesy? So many of the wedding videos out there are just one vibe all the way through: love story. 5-10 solid minutes of the same feel over and over: Love Story, then Love Story, then just a little more Love Story.    Yes, the world needs a love story, but why can't wedding videos aspire to be more?  Why can't all the guys walk in slow motion with some badass music like a scene lifted from Reservoir Dogs?  Why not have movie style credits with out-takes just like in the movies?  Why can't the interviews feel like a really boppin' reality show?  If you want your wedding video to feel like a killer TV show, come to the TV people.

First Family Photo & Video.png

The First Family has worked on over 100 television shows and brings that world of production experience to our wedding films. But don't just take my word for it, check out one of the samples at the bottom of this page, friendo.

First Family Photo & Video

First Family Photo & Video

And since we're talking about experience, since the year 2000 we've shot over 1250 wedding videos. Recently you may have seen some of the work of our lead filmmaker, Benny Wonka, in the first season of My Celebrity Dream Wedding for VH1.  As director of photography for all 19 episodes he is now the most qualified wedding filmmaker to make your wedding realer than reality.  Here's some packages below.  If you don't find what you're looking for or need something modified, talk to us about it.

The Benny Wonka
$1699 - Our most experienced shooter, 6 hours of shoot time, & full raw footage on flash drive. Does not include editing.

I Can't Believe It's Not Spielberg
$2980 - 2 shooters, 10 hours of shoot time, and full editing resulting in a 8-10 minute film of the wedding day like the samples provided below, along with raw footage on a flash drive.

Happy Family Combination Platter
$4790 - Combo of Photo & Video with 2 photographers & 2 videographers, 35 hours photo editing, raw photos made available in online gallery, full editing resulting in a 8-10 minute film of the wedding day, and a flash drive with raw footage on it.

I'd Like to Thank the Academy
$8650 - The package above with an engagement shoot of both photo and video, a fully edited engagement video that can be played at the wedding and a printed book of your wedding photos made after all pics are edited.

$700 non-refundable deposit to book a date.  Contact:

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