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Okay, so there could be several darn good reasons that you might have ended up here.  Perhaps you're a future bride or groom that's looking for some badass photograghy.  You've come to the right place.
But maybe you're a television producer looking for a killer production company?  Yep yep yep!  You're doing it right.
Major university, politician, Fortune 500 Company or church looking to have the perfect film made?  Friends, we hath got you.
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We are a family that makes a wide array of films.  We've shot over 1200 weddings, have worked on over 200 television shows and have made films for Coca-Cola, Spanx, CDC, Girl Scouts, Home Depot, Lung Cancer Alliance, Atlanta Falcons, Abbott, Andis, Southwest, Reebok, Georgia Tech, SCAD, Roadie, The Blank Foundation, CARE, Fisher Scientific, Atlanta Hawks, Verizon, IHG, Icehouse, Moxie, Leica, First Data & AutoTrader.
We are undoubtedly most known for our internationally acclaimed YouTube channel named after/starring our son, Maximus Thor.  The YouTube series has been featured on Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Creative Loafing and a host of other publications.
Maximus Thor (yes, that's his real name) does the YouTube channel, bridal photo/video and television work with his father, Benny Wonka, and the rest of our family in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.
Just click on the corresponding pages in the top corner to find the appropriate page that you're looking for.
But hold on, if at this point you still haven't partaken of our YouTube channel, could this please please be that moment?  Before you find the thing you're really looking, we are praying, begging and lighting small candles in hopes you'll go down a brief YouTube rabbit hole by watching some of our videos below:
First Family

First Family

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