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We are a family of artists most known for our incomparable YouTube channel named after/starring our son, Maximus Thor.  This YouTube series has been featured on Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and a host of other publications.  Creative Loafing voted it the best YouTube series in Atlanta and has featured Maximus Thor on the cover of their "People to Watch" issue.
Maximus Thor (yes, that's his real name) does the YouTube channel with his television-producer father, Benny Wonka. The First Family operates out of Atlanta, the largest production community in the world and has many artist friends that have been "adopted" into our tribe.


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Whether you're here for corporate work, photography, or bridal services, we've got you covered.  Just click on the corresponding pages in the top corner.


If at this point you still haven't partaken of our YouTube channel, could this please please be that moment?  We're hoping, we're praying, we're lighting tiny candles in hopes that you will click on our favorite work below:

First Family

First Family

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