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I could not have asked for better photographers...First Family was so inventive, always coming up with new and exciting shot ideas that I loved! I am so pleased with our wedding day pictures. I could not have chosen a better photographer.

         -Alicia  (pictured here w/ Hayden)

Benny Pic_edited.jpg

Benny Wonka & Fam

As far as weddings go, arguably the most important vendor decision that you will make is your photography team.  The energy that is emitted from this person or team can directly affect your state of mind and mood throughout one of the most important days of your life.

We specialize in THE VIBE.

Even though it may have been planned for years, the wedding day feels like it happens at warp speed.  We know how to calm an anxious bride when everything seems to be going wrong, how to get that curmudgeon uncle to finally smile, and how to be playful in the midst of challenging, interpersonal family dynamics.

Having shot over 1300 weddings, Benny Wonka and his team often-times can see just over the horizon to know not just what is happening, but what is about to happen.  This wealth of experience informs our decision making so we can capture an unexpected, glorious moment, all while preserving a safe space for everyone involved.


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” —Dr. Seuss


The Benny Wonka
$1799 - Our most experienced shooter, shooting 8 hours of photo/video.  Editing for 50 photos, raw video (no editing).  All packages include an online gallery for one year and free copy of all raw photo/video footage on a hard drive should you choose to provide one.

I Can't Believe It's Not Spielberg
$2980 - 2 shooters, 10 hours of shoot time, with editing of 500 pictures.  Having a second shooter helps tremendously as with one shooter, they can obviously only shoot photo OR video at any given time, so it's difficult to get good photos AND good video of a cake cutting, for instance.  The second shooter can go back and forth between photo and video as the day dictates, in the same way to lead shooter does.

Combination Platter
$4790 - Combo of Photo & Video with 2 photographers & 2 dedicated videographers, 800 photos edited, and full video editing (45 hours of a human being meticulously editing your footage) resulting in a glorious 8-10 minute film of the wedding day.  We prefer this package if you can afford it.

I'd Like to Thank the Academy
$6450 - The package above with an engagement shoot of both photo and video, a fully edited engagement video that can be played at the wedding and a printed book of your wedding photos made after all pics are edited.


Videography Only Options:

1 shooter, no editing $1699

1 shooter, full editing $2450

2 shooters, full editing $2750

-Engagement session with editing is $850.
​-$700 non-refundable deposit to book a date.

-We can also shoot video exclusively if you already have a photographer.


Let's talk, fam.

Thanks for submitting!

Phone: 770-378-0555

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